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I elbowed a stranger in the kidney.
So I’m really, really bad about posting something when I haven’t been to a concert or something. So I’ve gone a month plus without an update, which is totally unusual for me, but let’s face it…not a whole lot has gone on here.

Thursday, the 9th, Me, Lenny, & Derek went to the movies and we saw “I Love You, Man”, which was pretty damn funny.

On the weekend of April 11, we had a BBQ here at the house with quite a few folks for Pops “official welcome home” deal from Afghanistan. Lenny, Jason, Grrrr, Chrystal, Tyler, Abby, Wayne, Matt W., Jess, the two kids, and the familia were all here. It was good times, Lenny & Wayne even ended up staying here, getting drunk and pretty much drunk texting all night down by the bonfire. We may try to have another one sometime in May/early June, so when we can pick an official date, I’m gonna try to let people know quite a bit ahead of time.

I’ve hung out at Grrrr’s a couple times this month too, pretty much just gaming it up and the like. One night, Me & Lenny went over there and played some GH: Metallica and ended up watching “Role Models”, which was ridiculously hilarious.

But as far as concerts go, I believe Me & Jason are going to go to Spineshank this Friday night at Bulldog’s Café in Louisville. Grrrr expressed interest in going, as has Lenny, so I’ll have to see what’s up. Then on May 5, Jason & Me already have our tickets for Lamb Of God, Children of Bodom, & As I Lay Dying. I am uber-stoked to see CoB again, and this will be my first time seeing Lamb Of God. We’re seriously thinking about going to the Music As A Weapon IV show in Evansville, IN as well on May 13 which is Disturbed, Killswitch Engage, Lacuna Coil, Chimaira, Spineshank, Crooked X, and a few more. I know I’m definitely going to the Nine Inch Nails/Jane’s Addiction show as well in Indy at the end of May. Not to mention that I’ve already got tickets for Rock on the Range again this year, which is going to be killer I must say. So May, much like last year, is going to be a concert filled extravaganza.

But any who, just a quick lame update, I’ll be posting a few times in May probably since I have quite a few shows to rundown, starting with this coming Friday, w00t w00t!

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Hell yeah, Rock on the Range! I got my tickets the week they went on sale. I cannot wait, that week end is going to be epic.

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