The Story of an Uncommonly Gentle Man

Dropkickin midgets into the sun.
So on St. Patrick’s day, I got quite a bit drunker than I thought. We started off at Dan’s apartment with Me, Lenny, Dan B., Jessica, Slim, & Cole hanging out drinking a few drinks. We called a couple cabs and we headed over to Bardstown Rd. where it was ridiculously crowded. Dublin’s Cellar was packed, though there was some decent eye-candy and what not, but we had one drink really and then decided it was best to head back to the Granville. We get a cab and go back to Dan’s place (which is right next door to the Granville) and hang out in there for a few hours. I’m quite glad we went back to the Granville, because we actually had a good time and ruled the Jukebox (which I played stuff like “Oops! I Did It Again” by Britney Spears and then “Psychosocial” by Slipknot, haha). Anyway, we left there around 3:00 a.m. or so and went up in Dan’s apartment where Slim made us this chicken noodle type thing. It was different, but it was pretty good too. Shortly after that, we decided to crash out.

Wednesday was the big Soilwork show. Me & Lenny slept till about 2:30 p.m. and then finally got up and headed out. After we got back to his place, we chilled for a bit before going to Wal-Mart to get some food from their deli. When 5:45 rolled around, Me & Lenny went and met Jason at the Preston theater right down the road so I could hop in Jason’s car. We get up to Uncle Pleasant’s and kinda just hang out until the doors open. They let us in right at 6:30 and I stood towards the back for the first band, Succumb To Demise. Not really my thing, and the vocals were the high-pitched screaming/growling. So me and Jason decided to walk down to the little corner market to get something to drink, since they gave us wrist bands that let us walk in and out (a lot of smokers and stuff). We got back to catch the last couple songs of the second band, Behind The Beheaded. Swallow the Sun was the first band of the night I really wanted to see so I got kinda close for them. Their singer had a thick accent when he talked, as they are from Finland. They were really good though, and I’d love to see them in a different venue. Warbringer was the next band, and I couldn’t really get into them, so me and Jason went into the bar area to kinda just chill out. We went back by the stage area when they were done and got up front for Darkane and Soilwork. I was very impressed with Darkane, as they are usually a 5 piece, but had one of the guitarist out for this tour. Still, they put on a very solid show and I was quite happy with it, though I couldn’t hear the vocals for crap since I was right up on the stage. Soilwork came out and pretty much ripped it up. Moshing and the like all over the place. It just kinda sucks they played a tiny venue cause during their last song, “Nerve”, some dude started crap with Jason’s brother, Andy, and they ended up fighting ON the stage. So the lead singer, bassist, and roadie of Soilwork had to pry them off each other and once they got them apart, the singer just walked off the stage followed by the bassist. The rest of the band kinda just ended the song and that was it. We headed out after and I got XBL to play a few rounds of CoD4 with Lenny before crashing out.

Swallow the Sun setlist
Don’t Fall Asleep (Horror Part 2)
Plague Of Butterflies

War bringer setlist
Total War
Severed Reality
At The Crack Of Doom
Combat Shock

Darkane setlist
Variations of an Eyecrush (Intro)
Impetuous Constant Chaos
Fading Dimensions
Chaos vs. Order
Leaving Existence
Rape Of Mankind
Execution 44
Secondary Effects
Innocence Gone

Soilwork setlist
Follow The Hollow
Like The Average Stalker
Rejection Role
Black Star Deceiver
20 More Miles
Song Of The Damned
Sworn To A Great Divide
Distortion Sleep
The Chainheart Machine
Light The Torch
Stabbing The Drama
As We Speak

The past week or so hasn’t really been too much. Sunday night, Me, Joey, Sam, and Kier went over to Matt’s for a little bonfire thing, and Lenny came down too. I didn’t really get to drink since I was driving but it was good times, we kinda just sat around and bull-shitted for a few hours.

Monday when we woke up, Me, Joey, & Lenny went to Hardee’s to get something to eat, and I tried their Western Thickburger. It was much like the Rodeo Burger from Burger King, but super-sized. After I took Lenny back to his car, he went back up to Louisville & me and Joey came back to the house. We went over to Mom’s for about 2 hours and then came back here so I could catch Heroes. After wards, got on some Halo 3 and CoD4 for a bit and then waited until Pearl Jam’s “Ten” was available to download in Rock Band. Downloaded that and played only “Jeremy” and “Black” before crashing out.

Today, Me, Joey, & Timmy went to Saunder Springs to hike the trails and stuff. It was ridiculous seeing all the trees and branches that had downed from the ice storm a couple months ago. They still don’t have all the paths clear to hike due to fallen branches and trees and what have you. Got back to the house and kinda just chilled out for the rest of the evening.

Pops finally gets back from Afghanistan next Thursday, so we’ve got 8 more days until he gets back. I’m gonna get started on really cleaning up this weekend so the house will look good and what not for when he comes back. I am gonna pick him up a Miller High Life (either 32 oz. or 12-pack) and go to Frank’s up in Louisville and get him a good steak. It’ll be nice having him back, that’s for sure.

I had thought about going to the Cold show this Friday in Columbus, OH but I think I’m gonna pass. It would be cool to see them again, but they are only playing 13 songs, and I don’t wanna travel 4 hours for 1 band.

Anyway, I think I’m done with this one for the time being. I’ll probably update next weekend or whatever, when Pops is back or something…but I wouldn’t expect one before then since there ain’t crap going on.

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St. Patrick's Day!!
It's St. Patrick's Day. I'm going to Louisville, and I'm going to get drunk.


You can just call me Dr. Feelgood ^_^
So yeah, this past week was pretty solid. I ended up going up to Louisville on Tuesday evening. Lenny came down and got me and chilled at his place. We played A LOT of Call of Duty 4 from Tuesday evening through Friday afternoon, but we did some other stuff. We brought the tv up from the basement that Lenny had in his old apartment and I brought my 360 up to his place so we could pretty much play in the same room. That Tuesday night really consisted of us getting a couple 6 packs of beer and playing CoD4 until like 5:00 a.m. Wednesday morning.

After we got up, we slummed our way around for a bit before getting ready to go to the shooting range. We called Dan Canales (I tried calling Wayne too, but didn't have his new number) and he met us there at the range. I shot a .45 Glock. The thing had some kick! I wasn't holding it tight enough when I shot the first bullet, and it really jerked my hand back. Needless to say, for the last 49 bullets, I held on. I kept my target I shot at, but left it in Lennys car...I only had like 1 or 2 headshots, but I did have 1 that was like, right in the groin, so I was pretty happy about that. It ended up being a little more expensive than I thought it would be ($45) but it was totally worth it for my first time shooting a gun. After wards, we went back to Lenny's and ended up playing CoD4 again for the majority of the night.

Thursday was another fun day. We went to Franks for lunch since it had been a long time since I had been there. After we ate, it was CoD4 time until about 8:00 p.m. or so, when we went to Bearno's on campus for Dan's roommate was playing there. It was $10 for all you could eat & drink (yes, this included beer); so I only drank 1 beer cause I knew I'd better DD cause Lenny had a few drinks. Once Bearno's closed, we went to the Granville for a few hours where we hung out by the pool table as we often do. Lenny had more to drink there and was quite drunk. He ended up feeling like shit cause he didn't eat anything at Bearno's, and the last thing he had ate was Franks at like 3:00 p.m. that day. Anyway, I drove us back to his place where we crashed out.

I woke up quite early on Friday, like 9:30 a.m. and kinda just hung out. I read a book for the first time in years, but I am not at liberty to divulge what book it was. Anyway, Lenny finally got up around 2:00 p.m. or some crap. He gave me a ride back to E-Town where once I got everything set back up, Me & Mom went out to dinner. I took my Mom out to eat at the Oriental restaurant by Roses cause she really, really likes crab legs, and I left Cambria over there for like 3 days, so I figured I owed her. I crashed out shortly after getting on GTA IV for a bit. Haven't downloaded the new DLC for it yet, but I plan too eventually.

Saturday morning I got up and went to Wal-Mart with Shirley. I had to go by Brie's to pick up my mail cause my mail is getting sent there for some reason...same shit happened when Joey moved to Campbellsville. So tomorrow, I am going to the Post Office to scream at someone and tell them "Joshua Black and Joseph Black are two different people". Ugh. I guarantee all they see is the "Jos Black" and assume it's him. It's like WTF Mate? After we got done at Wal-Mart (where I got this huge beer mug for St. Patricks Day), I stopped by Kroger for the Ticketmaster where I picked up Me and Lenny's Rock on the Range tickets!! Quite stoked about that cause this will be our second consecutive year going to it, and it's just an awesomely great time. After all was said and done, I just ended up chilling around the house for most of the day and not really getting into anything.

Today was almost as boring as yesterday afternoon. I didn't really do much other than get on some CoD4 and Left 4 Dead with Lenny. I told him that L4D was on sale this week at Target for only $39.99,so he picked it up. Grrrr said he plans on getting it Friday when he gets paid, and I told Timmy about it too so I'm hoping he'll get it so we can have a full 4 Person team going on, cause other than Kevin and Michael, I don't know of many other friends on my friends list on XBL that might have the game. It would be killer to have a full 4 on 4 Versus match going on, but that'd take some setting up.

So yeah, I have to get my T.V. fixed too. It makes a really loud humming noise when you turn it on, and it doesn't really go away on any of the High-Definition inputs. It gets quieter, but doesn't fully go away. So Im gonna take it to French's TV tomorrow in Radcliff and hope they can fix it. I'm really hoping it won't cost more than $100-$150 to get it fixed...otherwise I'll have to do something about getting a new t.v. All I know is the next time I get a t.v., it will definitely be a Sharp or Sony.

So Summer concerts are shaping up nicely (other than Rock on the Range). Definitely gonna go to Rockstar Mayhem again this year, and word is their is going to be another Gigantour, so I'll have to wait and see who's on that. There won't be an Ozzfest this year, for the first time in like 12 years, which is a bit bogus...but at the same time, I really don't care. I'll get half my year's concert fill at RotR anyway. Got Soilwork next month and then Lamb of God/Children Of Bodom in May. I think Me & Jason might go to the Music As A Weapon IV (Disturbed, Killswitch Engage, Lacuna Coil, Spineshank, bunch more) which happens to be a few days before RotR again. So if I go to that, it'll be just like last year (I went to Radiohead in St. Louis just mere days before RotR, so that was an amazing concert week).

Speaking of Summer happenings, I've got a wedding to go too August 8 in Michigan. Dan Canales is getting married, and Me & Lenny are making the trip up there. We wouldn't miss it for anything. And I have another wedding to go to in late Oct/early Nov whenever the date is set...and that's Lenny's brothers! Yeah, Eric is getting married, so I'll be sure to go to that one as well. I'm thinking since we're gonna be in Michigan so close to my birthday, I may talk to Lenny about stopping in Chicago for a couple nights or something since I've never been up that way.

Dad gets home in like 38 days. That's really solid. I'm thinking, since he gets back in the States on April 1 (a Wednesday), that following Saturday, having some close friends come by to have a few drinks with Pops and bust out Rock Band. I know he's going to want to just kick back and relax, so I plan on getting him a bottle of good bourbon (Woodford or something of the like) or good tequila (Patron) since I know he likes taking shots of tequila more-so than drinking on bourbon.

Anyway, I think I'm done with this one. Time to get on more CoD4.

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I'm not like you, I just fuck up.
So Slipknot is quickly becoming one of my favorite bands to see live, after having seen them for a second time in a 6 month span last night in Lexington. I seriously think Corey Taylor might be the best front man I’ve seen when it comes to getting the crowd in his hands. When Slipknot first came on, all he did was raise his right and left arms and the crowd was going absolutely nuts. I know last time I saw them in Indy, being an outside venue, it was a little hard to judge the entire crowd, but Rupp Arena wanted to explode; the energy was surmountable it seemed to the show in Indy. Clown and the guy with the long Nose mask went out into the crowd a couple of times; Clown more-so than Nose. The only thing that stunk was the lack of pyro that they had in Indy. I think an outdoor venue suits Slipknot better because pyro really adds to their show; that’s just me though. Speaking of outdoor venues, at Rock on the Range, Slipknot will be headlining one of the days and after last night’s show, I am very excited about that for one reason. During Slipknot’s last song, “Spit It Out”, Corey had EVERYONE in Rupp (general admission flooring and seats too) sit down and he was like “When I say ‘jump the fuck up’ I want this place to absolutely explode.” Joey’s drumset did the whole raise-up/turn sideways thing too during this, which was totally killer. When Corey did the “Time I set this record straight…” part of the song and right after before he did “Fuck me, I’m all out of enemies” is when he yelled “JUMP THE FUCK UP!!” And EVERYONE in Rupp Arena jumped up. It was unreal. That definitely ranks as one of the coolest concert experiences I’ve had (along with the entire crowd chanting “Fuck You, I won’t do what you tell me!” to ‘Killing In The Name’ when I saw Audioslave). IF Corey does the same thing at Rock on the Range with 40,000-50,000+ people…it will be fucking amazing. But yeah, we got there on time but the lines were so long we missed the first 3.6 songs of Trivium cause we caught the very end of “Like Light to the Flies” and their last two songs. Coheed was good as usual, but they really just played and Claudio didn’t really talk much or anything to the crowd. The setlists that we got were:

Trivium setlist:
Like Light To The Flies
A Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation
Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr

Coheed & Cambria setlist:
Welcome Home
The Velourium Camper III - Al The Killer
Gravemakers And Gunslingers
No World For Tomorrow
The End Complete III – The End
In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth 3

Slipknot setlist:
Iowa/742617000027 (Intro)
Wait & Bleed
Get This
Before I Forget
The Blister Exists
Dead Memories
Left Behind
Frail Limb Nursery
Everything Ends
People = Shit
Spit It Out

I think “People = Shit” is a great ‘right before encore’ song; and they opened up with “Surfacing” at Rockstar Mayhem, which I thought fit better than the first song for the encore, but oh well. I’m glad though their set was a bit different than the first time I saw them. Seriously though, for Rock on the Range, with a seat ticket being right at $100, Slipknot is easily worth like $30-$40 alone of that ticket. So needless to say, I am very excited about seeing them again with a huge crowd. I really hope they play “New Abortion” and “My Plague” at RotR…but I really, really doubt they will; just because ‘Iowa’ is my favorite album by them and I really like those two songs.

So unless another killer show pops up between now and Soilwork on March 15, that will probably be my next concert. May is looking good already with the Lamb Of God & Children of Bodom show, and then a week and a half later, going to Rock on the Range (which I am probably just going to go ahead and buy my ticket next week when they go on sale).

In terms of video gaming, me & Lenny have been all about Call of Duty 4 lately. We both had never really spent much time on online with it, but man, just the past few nights, we’ve been playing for like 3-4 hours a time and I’m getting quite better. I mean, I still just run out a lot and get shot right in my face (though the Snipering in that game is bullshit; shoot a round that lands 5 feet away from me and I die?! WTF is that all about?) But yeah, I’ll probably end up going to reserve Resident Evil 5 and Guitar Hero: Metallica in the next week or two, cause those are must-buy games for me. I played the Halo Wars demo and while the controls seemed to work quite fine for an RTS on a console, I don’t think I’m sold on that; gotta have myself a keyboard and mouse (hurry up Starcraft 2!!!) for an RTS game. And in terms of games coming this summer, both Batman: Arkham Asylum and Ghostbusters are looking like definite pick-ups. I think we might finally get our first “great” Batman game.

But anywho, said I’d have a quick update after the Slipknot show so here it was; might be another week or two before I get around to updating again, or might not, who knows. Either way, my concert year for 2009 has begun!!

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Ice storms, blackouts, and ROCK
So, since the last time I update, there was a huge ice storm that caused a blackout in the area and all kinds of other crazy mess. Monday, January 26, the ice got here that evening and it pretty much didn’t stop icing until sometime Wednesday night. So that entire week was ice, power outages, people staying at hotels, etc. We lost power that Wednesday morning and my step-mom was going crazy and got a room at a hotel; I just went over to my Mom’s cause I figured I’d just hang out with them. Well Matt went by the house and said our meter was spinning, which would mean we had power. So we had already gotten power back after like 8 hours of not having it or so; went out around 9:00 a.m. or so and it was back sometime before 5:00 p.m. So that night, Me, Matt, & Timmy got on some Halo and then played some Rock Band in the living room, w00t! But yeah, the ice and snow and all that mess hung around for a week or so before it all finally melted away.

This past weekend I went up to Louisville and hung out for the most part. Friday evening, Lenny came and got me and me, him, and his brother Eric went out to eat at Chili’s. Was only my second time eating there and I got these Habanero Chicken things…and yeah, they were ridiculously hot. After that we went over to Jacquie’s to play drinking games and stuff. Me & Lenny were gonna go meet Audrie and a friend of hers but they ended up going to 4th Street; and Lenny hates 4th Street, and I’m not too crazy about it myself either. But we had some interesting convo’s and met some pretty cool people over at Jacquie’s. We left there at like 6:30 a.m. Saturday morning and got some breakfast at Burger King before going to sleep. Woke up that morning at like 10:30 a.m. since Mom was callin me cause I told her I’d help her friend Lisa move. So Lenny doesn’t wanna get up, so he tells me to take his car and I drive it down there to help out. It sucked because it was a nice day (one of the few we had in a while) and I was gonna drop the top, but his passenger window wouldn’t roll down, so I couldn’t put it down. Oh well. I felt like crap that afternoon too cause all I had been drinking the previous night/that morning was beer and Mt. Dew. Got all that said and done in a couple hours and then Mom took me and Timmy out to eat at Texas Roadhouse (love that place) and I got a 16 oz. Steak with a salad and sweet potato. We got a bloomin onion thing for an appetizer too; man I love those things. After we ate, I took Timmy back to Mom’s and then I headed back up to Louisville myself. When I got back to Lenny’s, I just told him I’d rather just go home that night instead of Sunday afternoon cause I was all kinds of tired (only 3 hours of sleep and moving junk around). So after he ate he brought me home and I ended up passin out.

But yeah, Sunday, me & Jason ended up going to Asian Buffet for lunch since it had been a while. Afterwards, we went to Kroger and bought our tickets for the Slipknot and Coheed & Cambria show in Lexington. So looks like my concert year is going to get off to an early start this year after last year I didn’t go to one until April.

Other than that, this week hasn’t been to thrilling. Yesterday, Me & Lenny spent quite a bit of time playing Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 on XBL. Man, it was the first time I’ve really spent quality time on CoD4 and I was getting owned and first, but I caught on quick and was soon merkin people left and right. One match I lead both sides in kills with like 16, and another game I had 19 kills, so I was pretty proud of that since kills are a little tougher to come by and you die a lot easier than you do in Halo. I am still on the fence about buying Call of Duty: World At War since I’ve heard it’s basically CoD4 with World War 2 paint on it. The flamethrower and stuff does sound bitchin’, but eh.

I picked up Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection today for 360 since it has like 40 old school Sega Genesis games on it, so that’s pretty sweet. I have heard the Phantasy Star games are really good, so they were a big reason I got it, since all 4 are on the same disc. I came really close to picking up Rock Revolution as well…but I didn’t. I do need to pre-order Resident Evil 5 and Guitar Hero: Metallica here soon though, I am getting those games Day 1.

So yeah, speaking of concerts from a minute ago, Rock on the Range 2009 is starting to come alive, and they’re supposed to announce the majority of the bands tomorrow. If the line-up is what I’ve read from rumored stuff, it is going to be just as good/if not better than last years. The headliner’s they have in question are Motley Crue and Judas Priest with Alice In Chains and Slipknot playing before either headliner. Sooooo, if Judas Priest headlines Sunday, I’ll probably pull a last year and leave before they come on. I’ll probably post a bulletin when it’s officially announced, and indicate whether or not I’ll be making this trip for the 2nd straight year.

SO, as I was typing this/reading stuff…turns out the radio station already announced most of the bands playing this year, just not the days or anything…so yeah, Rock on the Range 2009 looks to include: Motley Crue, Alice In Chains, Slipknot, Korn, Avenged Sevenfold, Buckcherry, Shinedown, Saliva, Chevelle, Flyleaf, Atreyu, The Used, All That Remains, Static X, Hoobastank, Saving Abel, Blue October, Black Stone Cherry, Pop Evil, Crooked X, Framing Hanley, X Factor 1. If this line-up holds true, I am seriously there this year. Better than last years, yeah, I said it.

But anyway, I’ll probably have a sooner-than-usual update after Saturday since it’s my first concert/set list posting of the year.

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This was a triumph.
So the Rock Band party this past weekend was a triumph; good times were had by all. I went up to Louisville Friday evening with Lenny (he came down here because Him, Derek, Randi, Jacquie, Stef, & myself went and saw "Notorious" at the E-Town theater). Saturday afternoon, we went over to Jacquie's for dinner, which was quite good. Whitney, her boyfriend Dan, James Crumley, and Derek Warfield were there in addition to Me, Lenny, & Jacquie; so it was cool to see some people I hadn't seen in a long while. Bought some Budweiser and a 12 pack of Rhinelander Light (this stuff was $3.99 for a 12-pack, so we had to buy it to try; turns out it was awful.) There wasn't a whole lot of people, but just the right amount we kept switching around and had a good time, socializing, drinking, etc. It was Me, Lenny, Dan C., Jacquie, Beth M., Matt W., his girlfriend Jessica, Tyler, his girlfriend Abby, & Slim for the most part; Dan Blakeman & his girlfriend Jessica and Wayne showed up as it was winding down. I rode home with Matt & Jessica since they live a little past E-Town, and there really wasn't any point of me staying up in Louisville again.

Though with that said, I think we may aim for another RB party in the near future, probably late February. Gotta have enough time to get some new songs in RB, cause you don't want the same ones over and over (though it'd be a bit much to go through 500+ songs). Shoot, with that amount of time, could easily get another 50-75 songs in RB, especially if they release the Jane's Addiction album or Stevie Ray Vaughn album before then. Kevin (my old neighbor from back in the day) apparently is quite fond of Rock Band parties himself, so I think we may try for a joint venture; though a date and location would have to be planned out probably at least a couple weeks ahead of time (much like this one was). And man, RB needs more classic rock (I'm listening to Supertramp right now, and why they haven't had any songs in there yet is beyond me.)

But anyway, enough RB nerd talk. So apparently Super Bowl XLIII is the Pittsburgh Steelers against the Arizona Cardinals. I was hoping the Eagles would have made it, but I should have known better to rely on them on the NFC Championship game; they are 1-4 in that game in 8 seasons. I'm thinking it's going to be a blowout by the Steelers, but I could be wrong. Kurt Warner has won one before, but so has Big Ben; and much of the Steelers team is still intact that won it in 2005. Oh well, I'm still taking the Steelers to take it all and become the first team to win 6 Super Bowls.

But yeah, not a lot been going on. I'm just waiting on my W2 to get in so I can file my taxes >_<. I seriously need to find a legit job though; I can't rely on LM. I mean, I figured it out a long time ago, but still.

Anyway, I think I'm done for now. Just wanted to post a quick follow up to the RB party. Till next time.

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Titans = Overrated all year!
Just a quick football post cause I am uber-stoked the Tennessee Titans got beat today by the Baltimore Ravens, 13 - 10. Tennessee was the #1 seed in the AFC too! Since the Colts got eliminated, I sure as heck didn't want Tennessee to win it all...now only if the Chargers and Giants will get eliminated.

I'm Wacko For Flacco, tell you what.

Let's go space truckin!
There's something about older rock that is just better than rock of today. I've been listening to a lot of older stuff lately just cause, I ono, it rocks more than 90% of the crap that's out there today. Mainly stuff like Deep Purple, Scorpions, and Def Leppard here lately. Deep Purple's "Machine Head" album is a beast.

But anywho, since my last update, Christmas and New Years have come and gone. Christmas was pretty swell. Got Guitar Hero World Tour (w/ Guitar), a wireless Xbox 360 headset (that I sorely needed), a Guitar Hero pajama set, half-pint of Makers Mark in my stocking, and a Blu-Ray player. I already had "Batman Begins", "The Dark Knight", & "Iron Man" in blu-ray, cause I told myself I wasn't going to buy any more DVD's. I spent the first part of Christmas day over at dad's and what not, then went over to Mom's about 2:00 p.m. and hung out over there until around 9:00 p.m. or so. Came home and hooked up the Blu-Ray player and watched 'Dark Knight', and it was ever so spectacular.

Day after Christmas, I ordered myself "The Incredible Hulk" and "Transformers" on blu-ray. They got here that Tuesday (the 30th) and I watched both of em. "Incredible Hulk" was ridiculous; and "Transformers" seemed like you could actually make the robots out a lot better too. Next on my list to get in blu-ray is "Wall-E" sometime in the near future.

New Years, Me & Lenny went up to Joey's place up in NKY. It was good times. Met several people that we're really cool. Slim, Dan Blakeman, & Jessica were the only ones from the Louisville crew that I knew that came up (other than Chris & Katie, but they live in NKY). Hung out and I only drank like 2 beers and that was it for me. So New Years rang and we all cheered and what not and did the usual champagne popping. Around 2:00 a.m., every one was calming down to leave and or go to sleep. I couldn't sleep at all and Lenny knew I couldn't, so he asked if I wanted to go ahead and drive home, which I said yeah. So we headed home from NKY and got in around 5:30 a.m.

Hung out with Grrrr for the first time in months the other day, was good times. We gamed it up for several hours before finally crashing out around 10:00 a.m.

So yeah, that's really the extent of what's happened in a nutshell the past couple weeks. I bought "Worms" on the Xbox Live Arcade the other day, which is totally fun. I've been itching to get a new game lately, but I'm not quite sure. I find myself debating between "Call Of Duty: World At War", "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed", and "Burnout Paradise" most often. Then I tell myself to hold on to the money to use for Rock Band DLC, and I tell you what, that stuff is like crack to me.

But anyway, I think I'm done for now. More NFL playoffs this weekend (though my Colts got eliminated early AGAIN this year, I'ma start betting against them as soon as they enter the playoffs); I'm mainly pulling for the Panthers, Eagles, Ravens, or Steelers...so go any of them. RB party is next weekend (the 17th), which should be fun. Several people have already said they'd be there. If it turns out to be a triumph, I'll make a note of huge success; and try to do a RB party every couple of months or so since there's new songs added to it each week. I do know I'll probably be throwing one at the house when Dad gets back from Overseas as a "Welcome Back/We're getting Pops drunk" deal.

But I'm done for real this time, till next time.

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You feared of phantoms and none exist but you, you still saw fit to destroy it
So another update in a week is like, kinda old school for me...but not old, old school cause back then I was updating like 3-4 times a week. But this one is more of a "Hey, I just found this out" type deal.

Which brings me to my oldest brother, apparently he has been seeing someone for like three weeks now. Well, after like the second week together, she asked him to marry her and while I'm not 100% on it, I do believe he said yes. Of course, it is quite ridiculous...and if you KNOW my brother, you wouldn't find it all that surprising, but yet another questionable decision (and I joke about making bad decisions all the time, but it's silly stuff like getting a Pepsi instead of Mt. Dew or something like that). She apparently doesn't know the REAL Joe Black and while I would love to say it's a "two thumbs up" move, it's really not. It just blows my mind they'd already take their relationship in that direction. Yikes.

So I'll probably be spending New Years up in NKY since a friend is having a party up there and a cabin is a no-go this year. Oh well, hopefully we can make up for it and do a cabin either in the Spring or still sometime before too much longer.

Speaking of parties, the Rock Band party that me and Dan will be hosting at his place up in Louisville is looking to have a PRELIMINARY date of January 12. While nothing is confirmed at this point, I am hoping to talk to him sometime this week/weekend to make sure of this being the final date and it being good to go, so that way I can start sending out the Event Invite on Facebook. If not the 12, it's very likely it could be the 19, but it will most likely be the 2nd or 3rd weekend of January, so folks, try to keep an open date there. I think we'll probably go the hooch route since it'll be cheaper than a keg.

Last weekend of regular season football is this weekend, and then the playoffs. The Colts play the winner of the Denver/San Diego game on Sunday night. I'm personally rooting for the Broncos cause the Colts smash Denver every time they meet in the playoffs, and I get worried everytime they play the Chargers.

But anyway, not a real big update but you know, just some craziness that's been going on lately. I may have an update again before New Years/after Christmas, but I wouldn't bet on it.

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The kombucha mushroom people, sitting around all day!
It's been almost a month since I last updated, which is pretty bad, but at the same time, I really haven't done anything that's worth nothing other than going to my Grandparents for Thanksgiving.

Speaking of, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Me & Mom pick up Hunter & Hailee right around 5:00 and get on the road to Virginia. We only stopped once, when we got a little past Knoxville, to fill back up on gas and to use the restroom and what not. The trip could have been a little better (the way there wasn't as bad as the way back) with the two kids bickering back and forth. We arrived at Grandma & Grandpa's right around Midnight. We stayed up a little while to talk to Grandma but I went to bed before too much longer.

Thursday morning I woke up and went out to Grandpa's woodshop with him for a little while; Aunt Karen had already arrived with her granddaughter, Kaylee Jo (?spelling? Not sure). Jessica & Jeremy showed up while we were out there, and she had brought her pup, an english bulldog named Bowser. So we went back inside and kinda hung out waiting for Thanksgiving dinner to get done and I played some Mortal Kombat vs. DC (which isn't that bad). Christina and her husband, Mike got there while we were hanging downstairs. Dinner was done around 2:30-3:00ish, which is a pretty average time for Thanksgiving dinner. After we ate, Me, Jessica, and Jeremy went back downstairs and played on 360 for a bit more. Me & Jessica ended up passing out while Jeremy played MK vs. DC and then Gears 2. When she woke up finally, the two of them headed back over to their other Grandmas for the evening. I kinda just chilled out, playing 360 and all that jazz for the remainder of the evening, watching the little ones.

That Friday afternoon, when Jessica & Jeremy arrived (Mom, Grandma, & the kids went to Marion to Wal-Mart), Jessica got the idea to go to the movies. So, we had to drive to Wytheville (which is about a 35 minute drive) to the nearest theater and we got there at like 1:00 and we decided on Four Christmases, but the next showing wasn't until 2:50. So we went to the nearby Ruby Tuesdays and got lunch before heading back over to the theater. The movie itself was actually quite funny, with having Vince Vaughn and all; very much your typical "everything that can go wrong will go wrong" type holiday movie though. Once we got back to Grandma & Grandpa's, Jessica & Jeremy had to split since they were having Thanksgiving dinner over at their other Grandmas. So once again, I played more MK vs. DC and Burnout Paradise before crashing out for the evening.

Saturday morning, we wake up and find out that apparently there was supposed to be a winter storm heading into the area that evening/over-night. So we decided to go ahead and pack our things up to go ahead and leave out Saturday afternoon instead of Sunday morning. Jessica and Jeremy split that afternoon too, a couple hours before we did. We got our stuff together and managed to head out around 4:00. We stopped once again on the way home, this time about 45 minutes before we got to Lexington and the kids would not leave each other alone on the way home either. We got home right around 11:00 p.m. and I took Hunter and Hailee cause Shirley said she didn't mind helping keep an eye on em.

So yeah, after my little Thanksgiving adventure to the Grandparents for Thanksgiving, I really have not done much of anything. I wanted to go to the Mudvayne/10 Years concert in Cincinnati, but didn't. In terms of concerts, it was a pretty slow year for me, though I didn't go to a bunch of shows, the shows I did go to were quite amazing. My concert year this year only ran from April through the end of August, but if I'm lucky, I'll get an early start next year...cause I REALLY wanna see The Killers at the end of January and I AM NOT going to miss Slipknot and Coheed & Cambria when they come to Lexington.

My concert year ran a little like this:

April: Gigantour (Megadeth, In Flames, Children Of Bodom, Job For A Cowboy, High On Fire); Hark The Herald & Ten Second Epic
May: Chamberflow; Red, Flyleaf, & Seether; Liars & Radiohead; Rock On The Range (Stone Temple Pilots, Disturbed, 3 Doors Down, bunch of other bands); Blind Melon & ZZ Top
July: Opiate For The Masses, 10 Years, & Filter
August: Rockstar Mayhem Festival (Slipknot, Disturbed, Dragonforce, bunch of other bands); Nine Inch Nails

So a bunch of bands I've seen for the first time this year (Megadeth, CoB, JFAC, HOF, HTH, TSE, Liars, Radiohead, STP, ZZ Top, Opiate, Filter, Slipknot) and two of THE BEST shows I have ever been too (NIN, Radiohead). So it wasn't a bad year, just short for me in comparison to some of my other years.

So it's been announced that Pearl Jam's "Ten" album is gonna be coming to Rock Band in the next few months, which is totally huge. Me & Dan Canales are in the midst of putting together a Rock Band party, which will probably be sometime in January, so expect an Event Invite on Facebook for that. Should be good times though, being that I have bought every song they've released (which is now like 520 or something), there's plenty to choose from...the only thing is what kind of alcohol to have. A keg or a big thing of hooch? Haha.

I've been listening to System Of A Down lately...and while I did enjoy Serj's solo cd very much as well as the Scars On Broadway album, they really need to get back together and go back to their Self-Titled/Toxicity days. Not that their newer stuff wasn't good, I just liked their older/heavier stuff more.

My Indianapolis Colts are on a 7 game winning streak, and can clinch their playoff spot with a win this Thursday night in Jacksonville, w00t w00t! If they do it, 7 years in a row they've made the post-season (which I'm positive they will).

Anywho, I think this update is about done, gonna watch "Heroes" tonight since it's the last one of the year, until like the third week of January, boooooo; and then hopefully watch the Eagles smash the Brown on Monday Night Football.

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